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Program Webcam di Linux

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Program Webcam di Linux

Post by agoenk on Sun May 30, 2010 7:50 pm

Kadang kita bingung ketika mau mengambil foto lewat webcam, ada 5 program yang bisa kita gunakan yaitu :

1. Cheese

Cheese PhotoCheese was developed as part of Google Summer of Code in 2007 and now is a part of Gnome. You can take photos or videos from your webcam and apply special effects for fun. There are optional export plug-ins for Cheese, such as postr to post your images quickly to Flickr, F-Spot exporting of images, and Nautilus-send to, for improved export using the Nautilus file manager. The latest version of Cheese was released on May 18th, 2009.

2. ZoneMinder

ZoneMinder Showing All Connected CamerasZoneMinder is webcam software designed for a home surveillance program. Amazingly, it has has features that you can’t even find in commercial programs. These features include...

* The ability to add as many cameras as you want independently of their connection. You can add one USB cam to monitor your room and add various IP cams to monitor other rooms, garage and doors.
* Check all the states of the monitors with a single click - the information gathered from all the cameras will be displayed to you in a single jendole.
* Check the last 10 events that the program logged for each camera.
* You can also set motion detection for your cameras and set them to record upon detecting motion. The best part is that you can set zones to watch for movement, setting a zone to trigger recording when there is a motion, and at the same time define a zone to ignore motion even if there is movement.
* ZoneMinder also supports the zoom, pan, tilt functions of your camera.

3. Webcam

With a simple, yet apt name, this product is an extension to the Apache web server which allows you to grab images from your webcam and upload them to your website. In order to configure and use Webcam and Apache you'll need working knowledge of servers (and configuration). Because of this I am hesitant to recommend the program to newcomers of Linux. However being a little bit tricky does not mean it is impossible. If you want to get your hands dirty, go for it!

If you're looking for more information on Linux web-hosting we can help you with that too!

4. HasciiCam

HasciiCamIf you want to unleash your inner geek and use your webcam to tweak and dabble with configurations, settings, imaging, etc. HasciiCam is for you. It grabs images from your webcam and saves them as ASCII files (text files) in your computer. You can set up a web page that refreshes at a predefined interval and use your ASCII files that it receives from your camera. Don't expect the crispest of output from this program but certainly expect fun results.

5. Geekast

If you are interested in Peercast, which is an open source multimedia multi-casting tool, then you would want to install Geekast, which is an interface to Peercast streams.

As discussed, there are a lot of programs to use for your webcam under Linux. Which one to pick? Well, it all depends on what you want to do with it. For fun photo-editing, Cheese and HasciiCam are the best options to go with, whereas ZoneMinder is an all-in-one surveillance solution for your home or office.

I've presented you with my preferred list, but there are many more options available. Search for “webcam” and “camera” in your package manager and check the results to find more webcam programs. Go exploring and have fun!

source :

mau pilih yang mana tinggal disesuaikan dengan selera, tapi kalau saya kebetulan memakai yang pertama yaitu cheese Smile

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Re: Program Webcam di Linux

Post by b-joe on Mon May 31, 2010 10:31 pm

wah kalo sya pilih yg no 4 HasciiCam
keren tuh hanya pake kode2 futu ya,

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Re: Program Webcam di Linux

Post by agoenk on Tue Jun 01, 2010 5:03 am

b-joe wrote:wah kalo sya pilih yg no 4 HasciiCam
keren tuh hanya pake kode2 futu ya,

bohahahahay....iya sih...unik dan ngeri juga sih...masa kita jadi code code...What a Face

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Re: Program Webcam di Linux

Post by Sponsored content

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